have taken the pledge


    recognize that Gorillas are endangered (with most subspecies classified as critically endangered) and that by actively adhering to the Gorilla visitation regulations, I play an important role in their protection by reducing possible negative impacts on Gorilla health and behavior. Therefore, I affirm that I will:

    • Inform my tour operator or park staff if I have a contagious illness including a cold or flu - or symptoms of fever, diarrhea, sore throat or cough - and not visit the gorillas.Learn More

    • Not approach gorillas at less than 10 meters (33 feet) distance and proactively encourage the guide and other visitors to respect this rule. Learn More

    • Turn and cover my nose and mouth with my shirt sleeve should I need to cough or sneeze during the visit. Learn More

    • Agree to wear a surgical mask while visiting gorillas, and dispose of it properly. Learn More

    • Agree to a maximum visit of one hour with gorillas and proactively encourage the guide and other visitors to respect this rule. Learn More

    • ensure that the sounds, the flash and network reception on my electronic equipment are turned off. Learn More

    • Not leave anything or take anything from the forest. Learn More

    • Ensure that all of my gear is thoroughly clean at the start of each day. Learn More

    • Inform my park guide that I’ve taken the Gorilla Friendly Pledge and will provide feedback on my visit to the gorillas. Learn More

    • Give feedback on my visit to help monitoring of gorilla regulation compliance. Learn More

    Remark: We will collect your information for marketing purposes. However, we respect your privacy rights. If you wish to access or amend any Personal Data we hold about you, or request that we delete any information about you that we have collected, please send us an email: info@gorillafriendly.org


    Important Notice:

    Gorillas may be susceptible to SARS CoV-2 (causing COVID-19) and therefore taking this Pledge is more important than ever! Correct wearing and disposal of face masks is now mandatory at sites, and the recommended minimum viewing distance for gorilla visitation has increased from 7m to 10 m (33 feet).